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Fluid Demo - Originally by wili@hybrid.org this version is for directdraw win32 Download This will only run
                        on video cards supporting 320x200x16bit

Heres a screen shot of it, those ripples are running in real time, with coloured lighting going on too.. The mouse
controls the waves, press the left or right for various effects, you can drag it too, leave it for a few seconds and
it will run by itself. A screen saver could be done with it.

fluid.jpg (81834 bytes)


note: DOS demos require dos4gw

Source is available for these

DOS Versions

Triangulation of 2D points - Demo program DownLoad

Partial Fruit Machine thing, did it for an old girlfriend, she left before it got finished ;-)
I changed the coordinate system on my editor, so the reels are sideways, Download

A palette editor for 768 byte PC VGA RGB palettes, make a directory called color stick the
palette files in it , and set the environment variable COLOR to the name of it, must end with .pal
so for gour.pal it would be set COLOR=gour see the above downloads for sample palettes. DownLoad

Little tool to set write allocate features of the AMD K6, not the K6-2 or 3  Download

CheckClip, has 2D bumpmap, spherical map and simple triangle test Download

FCRC a little utilitity that if you give it a wildcard it goes through all the matching files
and calculates a crc32 of it, any files that match in size and crc are reported, for duplicate
file finding Download

Swarm, ever seen the swarm screensaver on X, this is a 3d version with little cubes instead.
It needs a palette file use one from above (make sure the .pal file is in the color directory and
do a set color=(filename) before running it. ESC to exit Download

SVIEW checks bounding box within a viewport, not that interesting , requires same setup as before

MinRay! this is a dos executable, with graphic display added, of Paul Haeberli`s business card Download
get the original from here http://www.sgi.com/grafica/ Or at least somewhere round there.. its a minimal
raytracer, that fits on the back of his business card, cool...

This is an archive of the assembler routines for PTC and masm http://www.gaffer.org downloads/ptcasm.zip