the Molly dog

MVC-007F.JPG (37132 bytes) Damian the Omen, nuff said.

MVC-011F.JPG (36265 bytes) Doing Tommy Cooper impressions, `not like that, just like that` ( you need to be a brit for this )

MVC-016F.JPG (76228 bytes) She's half chow , half squirrel , Here she is in `bathmat` mode


Notice the crimped fur on her ears, this takes hours of work by specialists at the Pet Spa in Los Gatos. (really), ok not really.. Its natural crimp

Mvc-012f.jpg (60828 bytes) `hey` I can't handle a stick shift !!

Mvc-014f.jpg (47473 bytes) A rather expensive dog kennel..


Mvc-009f.jpg (34672 bytes) Molly practicing hypnotism. You will go out and buy more treats.


Er ?