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Golden Gate Lotus Club - Not updated that often

Want to upgrade your lotus elan ? - Performance upgrades for the M100

Cam Angle Sensor - Ahh the nefarious Cam Angle Sensor, some rather sketchy text. I have my own
description of this problem and DIY repair featured on this page.

Wind Baffle for Elans amongst others    Kinda ugly and perspex, i prefer the open style ones. Link provided by Jeff


My Car

Mvc-006f.jpg (67354 bytes)
Evidence of `pinking` in this photo, though its nowhere as bad as this in real life. Odd `Feds` and `Pinks` in the
same photo..

Close up of momo wheel and shifter knob.


This isn`t my car, but theres hope. I think it is/was Randys.

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Life Before Lotus


Yes its true I had a Z3 for a short while.White, hmmmmmm Oh well we all make bad choices sometimes

Miss Miata

My first `American` car or left hooker was we call it. Automatic 8-) i was going to buy a Lotus but Seamus talked me out of it ;-) after talking to Steve at Topend, how things change.

See molly try to break into the trunk, coz shes a bit woah, you know a geezer. DWORKX is Dreamworks, or a lot of people asked if it meant `D` Works as in `the works` I don't have the car no more, but I still have the plates assigned to me, if you want them.


 Before that in Sunny England..

Porsche 911S with engine mods for racing  3.0 bored engine.  In built cheese and tomato toasty smell. (Battery Acid)
I`ve unfortunately lost an excellent picture of me swinging around a corner almost sideways with smoke pouring out the
tyres, I`ve been trying to find the guy from 930 Sport who took the pictures, so I can get another copy, if you know where
they went I`d like to hear, they were in warrington/cheshire.

I have some videos of me racing in Wales and Cheshire. Lots of work of this thing, spent the first month I had it in the garage getting the brakes and callipers redone. You think owning a Lotus is expensive, try a 911.

Porsche 924

I don`t have any pictures of this car, thank god I had it for two weeks, and at the start of the second one I bought the 911, I sold it for 50% of what I bought it for 8-). A life lesson. i`ll never forget driving down to wales for the racing and breaking down in the middle of the road, snapped gearstick, and stuck in gear, two hundred miles from home 8-). Also happened in the town with the longest name in the UK, and its in welsh, not much fun explaining to the RAC where we were 8-)

Mazda Miata

My first car, an 95 MX5, black . Fell in love with it when seeing it on a british TV show on granada, they showed the monster miata from monster Motorsports Escondido CA, that weekend I went off and bought one. While at the Los Angeles car show a few years with seamus i met the guy from monster motorsports who did all the V8 conversions for the Mx5/miata ,, yowsers.. fast litttle car.

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